Tech yoyo features?


Is there any features that a good tech yoyo needs, other than spin time?


not too wide and hard to tilt.

(Jacob Waugh) #3

Nehemia Peterson said something about that somewhere, i’m looking for it now…

(Ken) #4

Wide trapeze gap, but many tech players like Toru Miyazaki and Paul Harness use slim string so I don’t think that is a problem. Some tech players tend to lean towards heavy yoyos like Colin. His signature Cognition is on the very heavy side of throws (I think around 68 grams???). Heavy yoyos usually have good spin power added to them. Rim weight is another factor to determine a good tech yoyo, as @knowledgeablepixels pointed out a yoyo for tech needs to be hard to tilt.

(Jacob Waugh) #5

Colin’s string is so thin that the Cognition’s gap is unusually small.

(Ken) #6

? I remember it has a 4.5 gap width. That’s on the wider side of gap widths

(Jacob Waugh) #7

Oh lol, I was going off of how snaggy it was when I tried it and what BV said about it, it also said 4.2 somewhere, that’s not much of a difference and I can’t find wherever I found that, thanks for enlightening me.


4.5 is the average gap width for unresponsive, i think