Good tech yoyo?

What really makes a good tech yoyo? Is it just spin time?

There isn’t much to look for in a tech yoyo in my opinion.

You’d probably want a wide catch zone (compared to the total width).

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The “doorknob” yoyo or SFxA-RT DK is a good example of a bad catch zone, because if the string hits that top it’s gonna slide off :wink:


So maybe a good tech yoyo is closer to a straight V (like the flash / flashback / bliss etc), which directly guides the string into the gap?


But if there is a big catch zone, wouldn’t denser tech be harder?

yye should put catch zone into their specs

You’re correct about super-ultra-mega wide not being the best for every style of play. Seems to work well for the lightning fast competitive people but I prefer a more average width. The catch width on most yo-yos is within 2-3mm or less of the overall width, so listing both isn’t necessary (in my opinion) for most yo-yos. The DK is an exception
Edit- one other issue I’ve heard when it comes to listing catch zones is defining what the catch zone actually is. Some people say if the wall is angled at all in toward the bearing, it’s the catch zone. Others interpret the catch zone as only the center section with the most vertical walls. A super wide or narrow catch zone can be an issue, but I would say for me, knowing exactly what it is hasn’t been something to which I’ve given a second thought. I’d say if you’re worried about it, get a good V for learning new stuff and call it good


Everyone should have a strong V shape! Flash, Flashback, Bliss, Krown…

(note that I don’t think ‘bell’ shape :bell: is technically a strong V though)

There’s also surprisingly a lot of 2016 benchmark Vs in stock!

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Totally agree with Rosenberg.

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Wait, is this a real yoyo I can purchase?!?!?

You can if @sfyoyos makes more of them! All sold out at the moment.

Surprised you hadn’t heard of it. It’s been blowing up everywhere

I try to keep up with what’s new but apparently I need to try harder! :joy:

Dang it I keep forgetting the Marco here but it’s a super strong wide bimetal V.

The TiPower is nice (I’m so sorry I’m talking about the TiPower so much lol). It does good with tech. The spin time is long and it has a good catch zone. It is definitely worth the $60.