Teaser for new Razor yoyo

The blue one.

Dude that actually looks cool. I’m surprised and impressed. At least for looks Kudos to Razor and you Joey.

Do you have any idea on a price line for that yoyo?

Are they matador spikes or just hubstack posts? Either way that looks beast.
Do you know if they are going to sell them here in Australia?

Looks SUPER AWESOME! Great stuff what razor is doing.


The posts are too skinny to fit bearings, and the posts are rounded, so they’re not too good for matador… They’re there just for looks.

Thanks for not answering my question Joey.

howd you get that!?!?!?

$15 I think

He’s one of the leading men on the project.

:o $15 metal ima get that
whaen will it come out?

Woops sorry man.
I actually have no idea. We’re bringing them to Cal States to see what the interest level is for them, and to see how people like them. I believe the price will be very affordable though! :wink:

Thats looking nice!!! You don’t happen to have the spec’s on it do you?

woah. sick. looks NIIIIIIIICE. Hope it plays as good as it looks. :wink:


As for the price, if The Zombie is anything to gauge off of, I picture this going for $40-$60. Then again, I have no clue, does look nice though. Wonder when it will be officially released. Also, Joey, if you happen to post specs would you be able to find out what type of anno or finish it has?

what bearing size is it(please be c or a)

If it’s less than 20, I might buy one… if not… I’m saving up for a General Yo… But still, looks cool! Maybe I’ll see. Does it play well?

If it’s less than 20USD im getting one from spinworkx >: D

but wat i know is the blue is not from Razor, Joey.

will it be sold in toysrus