Selling/Trading Cheap Yoyos


Mostly looking to trade!!! But money is cool too lol

PM if you have questions or want any additional pictures. All prices are negotiable.

Duncan Raptor $25
Has dings and I don’t have the caps for it.

Pink and Silver Rockstar $30
The finish is wearing away
. Gone

Solaris $60
Has alot of damage and vibes. Still plays well.

Yomega Glide $20
The bearing seat is too wide so the yoyo has vibe

spyy Pro $45
Alot of damage but still plays fine, some vibe

Magicyoyo T8 $10

Yoyofactory Genesis $30 Gone
some damage

C3 Halo $30
The bearing needs to be replaced but its stuck.

yyf Yuuksta
Has dings

C3 Token $15 Gone

yyf Classic $5

spyy Pro $45
Alot of damage

yyf G funk $25
. Gone

DNA $40 Gone

Zeekio Prism $20

yyf Primo $60
The surface finish is very faded

DV888 $10

C3 Alpha Crash $15

Crayon $40
One flat spot and a bit of tiny damage


interested in superwide and monkey fist

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