Team Yo-yo Community

First off, this isn’t one of those “Team Request” posts

So, I would like to talk about something important. Just recently I found out that a yo-yo craze hit a neighboring town at a High School. A kid was talking about yo-yo terms and stuff but at first I was skeptical. But he then asked me what my yo-yo was because he said all the kids at his school used Dark Magics.

Now here’s where I wanna start my post:

As a yo-yo players one of our duties is to present our hobby and spark interests. We are all skeptical and think that society and pop culture doesn’t look at yo-yoing much. However, hearing this I came to realize that we are close to a yo-yo boom than we thought. “Yo-yos are making a huge comeback” said a guy at our local park.

I wanna say good job guys for presenting our hobby in a positive way. Interest is being sparked all over the world and even in parts that I did not expect to be hit. Keep making videos, keep it up with clubs, join Talent shows, find news stations, just have fun throwing at local places! Keep this up and yo-yo will find the way towards the light.

Now here’s where the “Team Yo-yo Community” comes in. I’m not requesting a team. I just wanna remind you guys that despite all the various crews, professional teams, and such we are all under the same pact to help spread the hobby. We shouldn’t think about joining competing teams and such but instead think about joining together as one giant “team” with a main goal of lettting others enjoy our hobby one way or another.

Just remember this: Next time you think about a team, just remember that no matter what kind of team it is, no matter what the goal, in reality, It’s just a branch off our established team that’s been here since the modernization of the yo-yo: “Team Yo-yo Community”

Let me know your thoughts, what do you notice in not only your town but in other towns, your achievements, and what you think that in reality we are all part of a “team”.

~Spin On! from Chris

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I really dig the concept of this whole thing. It’s always nice spreading the word about out hobby, and that’s really what it’s all about in the end.

But you do know that yo-yo community is already a thing… right?

another yoyo boom would be AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME

I was just reminding that despite all the teams we have, the companies, the rivalries, we should all remember we are all a yo-yo community. It’s also a post talking about the influence the yo-yo community is now having on mainstream society and we should keep it up and work together to strive. In a sense we are a team.