Team Abyss and Sick String!

Here is the video I went to James’s house and we made this at his old school. I used my newest tricks but I forgot too put in 2! dang it. -.-

this is a better quality remake.

Cool. Getting better :wink:

Great video!

Money video man. What song did you use.

Awesome. :slight_smile:

Nice. :slight_smile:

Nice! It turned out great! That was funny when we got chased by School Security when we were making the video lol! :smiley: Thanks for making the vid with me, that was fun!

~James Reed!

wow really cool video.

You got chased by school security during the summer?!? :smiley:

song is underclass hero by sum 41.

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Yeah, security came in a security car and told a family having a picnic on the grass to leave and never come back. Joeseph (Buddhafission) heard and hopped the fence. When I was gonna hop the fence the secruity guy in the car starts the car and goes in reverse after me. So I decided to run half way across the school inbetween an opening a car can’t fit through so the secruity car would think I was going the same way and he would go though the car opening further down and chase us when I got out. Then I kept running in the other way so he would be headed in the other direction after me, I caught up with Joeseph, and ran home. Fun. ;D

~James Reed

Dang it YYE needs an Lol button. That is one heck of an anecdote.

@James-Wow…that’s something you should have gotten on video :stuck_out_tongue:
@Buddy Jim-Agreed lol.

i did get on vid but the clip isnt working on my computer >.<

Dang haha!

And that was funny when you yelled at the Security car! :smiley:

bUMPDATE :smiley: better quality so its way more clear and looks nice ;D.

C’mon guys post

Why can’t you get the video tape of James running away from the school security on the computer?

LOL, that seems funny and fun! And that was a great video and you guys are improving a lot!