Back to School..

This is a video I made with my friend Joseph Garcia at my old school. This video was made using Generalyo Hatricks. If you like the video please give it a thumbs up, and feel free to comment. :slight_smile:

This video has a different song and has my little brother in the video:

Thanks for watching,
James Reed

That was fantastic! Great tricks and editing! :wink:

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Thanks LazyThrower! :slight_smile:

Great video, James! You did a really nice editing job, especially at the beginning. Keep it up!

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Great tricks and editing but I’ve seen that first combo that you did with the leg wrap trap a lot

Great video though

really cool vid!!!

wowowowowowow!> :o that was awesome and especially the background.

Thanks guys! ;D

What song is that?

nice editing James it came out good :smiley: !

Awesome! You guys did a good job with the background, music, and overall editing! I hope you guys make more! I’m always excited to see one of your new videos!!!

dude nice really good job man the editing was great and nice song choice!

Gone. By Switchfoot. :wink:

Thanks guys for all the comments! :slight_smile:

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Great Video James. Your tricks are REally good!

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your one of my fav yoyoer’s i love your videos keep on making vids. :slight_smile:

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Great vid and hey if I come to so cal you guys wanna make a vid .