Summer 2014

Let me know if you want more videos like this or if you have any feedback, thanks!
Skip ahead to 1;15 in the video if you just want to watch tricks.
Inspired by,
Graham Bull, Adrien Velez, Erik Kerber, Jacob Gustafson, Jefrey Sparks, Henry Larson, and many others!
Now the question in did I get up at 2;00 am or pm? (yeah I recorded the video at the wrong time)

That’s good. ;D

Loved it.

That combo at 3:30! Sweet! The ending was a little abrupt(music), but I didn’t mind too much. You should make some tutorials for those tricks! All in all, great job!

Brandon Merrill

Great video so many slack elements there I lost count. Well produced too so great job.

Thank you very much!

Awesome, I’m glad you liked it!

Thanks! Yeah I realized I hadn’t planned an ending until after I was almost done editing luckily there was a clip leftover that worked. ;D. I would like to make some tutorials as long as there is enough interest, justt let me know what trick/element you want to learn!

I appreciate the feedback! I have been working on a lot slacks lately as well as my production quality. Though it took a bit of (fun) work because I do all the video recording myself.

He long have you been throwing :open_mouth:
Also what throw was used?

I’ve been throwing for three years now, in this video i used the OD Valor. Thanks!

Awesome video Zach