3.5 weeks of more summer for me  :’( so i made a video!

Tricks were fantastic, but just a quick question, why do you use that song in like every single one of your videos?

it was in that vid and the abyss vs suicide :stuck_out_tongue: i dealeted the abyss vs suicide vid after what removed the abyss vs suicide thread because that was not what i intended to use the song for

Yah he wanted to remake his battle video.FACEPALM!!! ahahah i guess he’s never heard of commen since.But on the other hand you got some great 5a

thx i guess

i really liked it!!! and i am sad to that school is going to end in 3.5 weeks. anyway i love your tricks and whip yoyo string!

nice video and some great 5a dont listen to lunatic he is just jealous. :smiley: