My New Video filmed in my Dad’s and Step Mom’s Basement. Pretty Short, but Still Cool. :smiley:
YoYo Used: YYF 09’ G5
-Cody Wright

Nice video! First time i’ve seen a view from underneath like that. Pretty cool! :wink:

Thanks Man!
Actually, I did have 1 shot of me doing Sideways play, but my Step Mom made me take that part out because I filmed it infront of our Pool Tabel, and it has a lot of random stuff on it and she didnt want people to see it. Haha

Good video. I really liked the camera quality, and the song really went with the video.

Top notch tricks! You’re improving really fast. :slight_smile:
And just an observation… why did you take out the YoYoFactory from your avatar and sig?

I’ve noticed that too. lol

but why is you string so long?

Thanks Guys!
Well, because of my signature, people started to think I was on the Junior YoYoFactory Team, and I dont want people to think that unless I really was. So I took YoYoFactory off my Signature to avoide confusion. :wink:

where do you learn your tricks i like them alot

Pretty good. What happened to you making yoyos by the way?