Filmed up at a tree farm where my family was getting our Christmas tree. I cannot even describe how numb my hands were. Feel free to subscribe! Merry Christmas!



Thanks, that was fun to watch. I appreciate your choice of music as well.

Really liked this.

Awesome scenery and tricks, but you should cut out the parts where you’re just standing there for like three ish seconds before you started throwing.

All around good video though!

Thanks everybody! All the positive comments mean a lot.

Yeah, I normally cut that out, but I watched it through when I was editing, and liked it. It seemed to just kind of fit the mood.

Also, YoYoFactory put it up on their fan blog! :smiley:


I agree! That added to the video. So dope. :smiley:

I think you might want to see this
I think that’s you…

Yup, that’s me! :smiley: I posted it on YYF’s Facebook page. They liked it, and put it up ;D

Cool I can’t imagine being on there…

I was on there too with my “SuperAvalanche” video. It doesn’t get you to many views, 100 tops, but it’s still pretty cool.

And regarding the whole thing about me saying “Blah blah blah not yoyoing for four seconds blah” what I was kinda trying to say was that maybe you could’ve just done like a black screen and then flash of you standing and then black and then yoyoing, if you know what I mean.

Don’t just screw the whole standing thing, you need to have some “fillers” as opposed to non stop jojoing