1 year anniversary


This is the video for my 1 year anniversary of yoyoing i hope you like it!
My 4a is much better than that filmed in the video i was just trying to never miss it because if it fell it would have collapsed.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOR3Ng-0z3U


Awesome stuff!

You kids learn so quick!

(M²) #3

Very nice and entertaining vid, until the first song ended… then it just went downhill from there. Ended after the first song would of made it a better length and i think the tricks were better during that one. btw i really like your 5a

Also Language Warning


Yes, I see what you mean.
I will have in mind this next time.
But after all, this is the first video i edited

(Mack) #5

nice 5a, good inspiration


holy crap… Aguie Fash wouls be SOOO proud!!! man, evreything done on the red yoyo deserves national recognition. great job. i hop im that good at one year.




seriously the 5A is amazing
i little rushed when you used the red yoyo but still great

i like turtles


Do you think that I should make a video for YYF’s 5A may.


you are really awesome at yoyoing!!!
i loved your 5a 4a and 1a!!!
that was a nice vid!!!


Thank you.

(M²) #12

please use the thank you button in the top right of the post box. Thank you.


ok i will use the thank you button next time.


oh and your welcome!