All Good

My new video, please watch it it would mean a lot! Be sure to leave feedback!

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nice vid man, you are pretty smooth and have good trick variety. Just try wearing a darker shirt next time so the string is more visible

;D Thanks! and I will be sure to wear a darker shirt next time! I keep trying to get my videos better. :wink:

You should be sponsored. Those tricks are really good and smooth.
Please post more videos! ;D

Thanks !!! This made my day! ;D I will be posting more videos, keep a look out! :wink:

YAY!!! ;D

Wow. Great video! What string are you using in this?

I can see you on a junior team in the near future.

I suggest putting a little more editing into your videos. The tricks themselves were good. But the video quality could use improvement, but you can’t help it i suppose if you don’t have 1080 hd cameras lying around your house. Edit out the mistakes and mix the music so it’s longer and you have a great video.

That shoulder trick at 0:55 was so slick.

dang kid you got moves keep up the good work! :smiley:

Thanks for asking, I am using kitty string 1.5. its really nice, I prefer fat a bit more.

Cool :slight_smile:

Ok cool! I have regular kitty and im in the middle of a trade with a guy for some fat. It whips better i hear, and i just learned brent stole, so thats good. I can do it almost consistently with toxics, and can get it sometimes with kitty regular, ao i want to see how often i can get it with fat.

Thanks for the feedback! 8) :smiley: And I will try to put more editing into my videos in the future. and yeah, all I have is an iphone 4. :stuck_out_tongue:

Youll probably get it more often. IDK though. I like kitty string in general. :slight_smile:


Yeah kitty is pretty awesome.

Thank you soo much! I work really hard on making enjoyable tricks! ;D :wink: