Talk about YoYo Stores and Clubs


When I see yoyoers form California, I see them doing new crazy tricks every week and with all these new throws. Why I telepathically assume you ask? Because they invest their time, money, and skills to form one of the biggest yoyoing scenes in the US if not the World. In many other places, you almost have to plan a schedule to buy a single yoyo, or even some string! Go online, spend an hour looking for throws if not spending one waiting for somebody to reccomend you one, go through the order process, wait half a week for your yoyo, and make sure you’re at home to pick it up. I just wish I could just drive 10-15 minutes to a local yoyo store, talk to some players about the sport and some throws, look at the rows and rows of a variety of yoyo’s, and be out in 15 minutes with a new throw, without havin to pay shipping or waitng half a week. Cmon what more does Chico, flippin’ CHICO have more than say places like Atlanta or Minneapolis. If people in different yoyo communities can stride to become like them, we could have yoyo shops and weekly club meets in all fifty states! It would only benifit us. We could inspire others to start yoyoing, buy and trade yoyos face to face with other throwers, compete in mini-competions to better our stage skill and presence, expand our yoyo and trick library, and so much more that I can’t even list here. What are your thoughts on this? Should we invest or just stay the same?


Ummm, sorry to break this to you but Minneapolis has a couple of informal clubs and the Air Traffic stores which carry a good selection at a number of malls. Minnesota states is held here as is MWR. And Dazzling Dave lives here.


I know that, I used to live in that area, what I meant was how people in places like California can go to different stores that are directly dedicated to yoyoing and go through rows and rows of different yoyos and talk to employees who can actually yoyo themselves, and compete in those mini competions as I had stated earlier to improve their skill and even win some thorws. Georgia also holds SEC and obviously GA states, but I don’t want to wait a year just to see some other people that can yoyo.


I tried getting a bunch of people into yoyoing. I had about 10 others into it for a while. Slowly their interest in it withered.

It’s absolutely worth taking the time and effort to expand the community. It’s difficult sometimes to keep it going though. I am actually thinking about starting a club at my college next year (I was told I could and should :slight_smile: ). But we shall see how much free time I have with all of my classes and such…


I feel you dude. It’s frustrating. Yoyoing is such a niche market it is hard to maintain a brick and mortar business based off it. Clubs are a challenge because it’s hard to reliably get people to come. Once you do its great tho.

If you want a club, what’s stopping you from making I e yourself? I would suggest setting up an extremely reliable method of communication between those who want to come. Good luck.


Agreed about Atlanta I haven’t seen a fellow thrower since Ga states and I know there is a big yoyo community in atlanta


It kills me that Las Vegas doesn’t have a club.

The resources available on this site and YouTube offer a ton. But there’s just no substitute for interacting in person.


Well, Chico has the national YOYO museum. Although I’m not sure if that’s why there are so many good yoyoers from there but it may be related.

In our area (The greater Sacramento area meaning everything within 40 miles of Sacramento) you tend to see yoyos in toy stores, but I’ve never seen a yoyo exclusive store. There are 2 Learning Express stores in the Rocklin/Roseville area and they carry a lot of Yoyo Factory, some YoyoJam, and a few Duncans as well as a LOT of Kendamas. They also sponsor the Yolex skill toy club which meets every weekend. It use to be the Yolex Yoyo club but they decided they wanted to me more inclusive to Kendama players and spin top players so they changed the name to “Skill Toy Club” instead of “Yoyo Club”.

The last time I went to one of their meetups was a few weeks ago and I’d say that out of the dozen people who were there at least half of them made it to the finals of the California State Championship in Sacramento the prior week. This includes Will Hahn who won the 5a division.

It really is a lot of fun to go hang out with the Yolex folks. But I’m not sure if it’s really expanding the yoyo community or just solidifying the community which already exists. Actually, giving the existing community a place to gather each week is pretty darn cool all on it’s own.