Anyone interested in an Las Vegas, NV yoyo club?

I have always wanted to join a yoyo club or start a yoyo club so of anyone is interested or has info please let me know!

I would join your yoyo club

I don’t have a club started yet, though if there is enough interest I would try to start one

I hope it happens. :wink: I go down to Vegas once a year on business and I’d love to drop in on a club there!

I am planning to put together a club in Las Vegas and would like to talk to any local players. Paul Yath from Crucial will come out for the first meeting. We also have an incredible player named Takeshi (Duncan) who is residing in Vegas right now.

I’m a close-up magician that fell in love with the game earlier this year when my son brought home a yoyo. I’ve gone to a couple of competitions to hang out and was blown away by the comradery and friendliness of players in SoCal as well as at Nationals. We need to build that in Las Vegas. I can see starting it with one session/month on a Saturday afternoon. I’m going to head out to SoCal one of these Saturdays to see how they run their local club.


That’s awesome! When do you think this club might start?

Is this the same club that’s started up on facebook?

What are you talking about? I haven’t heard of a club in Las Vegas…

I just searched las vegas yoyo in google and a group popped up on facebook. The last post was in 2011, so I’m guessing that it isn’t active. Does anyone meet up in las vegas?

If they do, I am currently unaware of when it is… I which I met some Vegas yoyoers

Yeah. I’m new to yoyos, but I’d be down to meet up with others and learn. Also, is there somewhere around here that sells quality yoyos? I went to sunshine kite in redondo this weekend and was wondering if we had something similar in vegas.

same as last post I made… If they have any I am unaware of them… Sadly, I’ve googled multiple times if there was a yoyo shop and haven’t found any. Even looked up skill toy shops… None that had yoyos to my knowledge. Also if they had any contests here… Then we’d be rolling.

I reside in Vegas and the once a month thing could potentially work out for me. I work nights in a hospital and my schedule is all over the place. It’s very difficult for me to take the time/make the time to be able to do something like this, but it could be interesting.

There are no stores in Vegas that sell “quality” yoyos. Toys R Us has the usual stuff, Sport Chalet actually had a Velocity and a FAST 201 the last time I was there, umm, Kettlemuck’s Toy Shop down in Henderson on South Eastern Ave has Yomegas and a few wooden fixed axles. Otherwise this website is absolutely the best way to get yoyos in Vegas. It always takes only 2 days from shipping to receiving. YYE is a great store.

I wish there was more of a yoyo scene in vegas too.

Me, too. I have to go down once a year on business and last year I really wanted to meet up with some yoyoers! I thought for sure Vegas would have a yoyo scene of some sort. But no.

Thought I’d bump this up once in a while to see if anyone’s interested.

I’m still interested, and would love to start one, at least like a monthly thing. I think that we can get a yoyoing scene here in Vegas just like kendama has a big scene here, but we would just need to get some people, and start it up. If you are interested, maybe we could work together on it. PM me

If there’s a kendama club, you could try to contact them and see if they’re willing to join forces and do a skill toys club of some sort. It’s going to be a lot easier to “convert” kendama enthusiasts to yoyo (and some of them might already know yoyoers) than it will be to try to find the yoyoers.

Yeah Takeshi’s pretty good. :wink:

So cool to see another magician on YYE forums. Really hope you form a club, because I’m moving to the area!

There is a kendama, and yoyo event coming up on the 24th, and I’m fairly certain that yoyo factory will be there, so you guys may want to look into. I’m going to be there with one of my friends who kendamas.