Talent Show

I have a school talent show in June 2014 (it may be a long way away, but still), and i was wondering if anybody had any tips on performing.
Thank :smiley:

So I have said it before, but I have performed in front of 500 people a few times, and I was well received. Although I am no expert on performances, I think that that gives me at least some insight. I would highly recommend doing a lot of flashy tricks that you know that you can land. Most of the people you are performing in front of will probably have never thought doing more than walking the dog was possible, so even doing some simple Eli hops will make people go nuts sometimes. If you plan to do front style (boing boings and pop n fresh style tricks are impressive!) turn so that the audience can see it. Also, if you are using music, which I highly recommend, try to pick a song you know well so that you can stay in sinc with the music. Most of all have fun!
Good luck!

i performed at my school talent show this year the most difficult trick i did was spirit bomb and i came in 4 so i dont know where you are so i cant say you will do better or worse but just throw like head raps in there or do a brain twister but bring up to your face as you look up at it its just flashy it makes it look more difficult than it really is