Takeshi's Double Suicide GT?

Hey guys, I have been working on Takeshi Kamisato’s Double Suicide GT for 2 days now, and I cannot even get the mechanics figured out. Does anyone know how he throws this trick? (It is the trick in his Duncan Profile “dcw profile” video at 1:13-1:15)

I do the regular double trap mount, but mount over 2 fingers like he does. I then do a hop, to keep the suicide catch level with the original plane of movement, let go of nth pointer, then let go of 2 (out of 3 strings) loops on top of th pointer, and then try and catch the loop on the backside.

While it is rare for me to even catch the loop on the backside, I know a triangle rarely forms due to no knots around the axle. Can anyone diagnose what I am doing wrong? Is the trick ever done elsewhere?

Thanks guys for the help.


This one?

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Yes sir, that is the one. I emailed Takeshi and he graciously helped me learn it. I finally landed it, but consistent, that is a whole different story.

WOW! That’s awesome!

What exactly is happening?
I can end up in a cross arm trapeze, but not a GT.