Suicide to Cross arm GT


45 seconds in he does a suicide to cross armed gt which I’m struggling to land. Im not trying to land it from a behind the back suicide like he is though. Just a regular suicide to cross armed gt kind of like he does.

I need help


Please help I need some tips


He also does it 6 seconds into this video.


If anyone can help please do


Malcom’s a cool dude and usually willing to help out. Tried messaging him on YouTube or leaving a comment?


Yep I messaged him. He said the trick was invented by Whip and he want’s whip’s permission before making a tutorial. :frowning:


Can you do the reverse GT laceration?

Like this one Petr did at 0:24

Malcolm’s trick works just the same, the only difference is it’s a suicide, not a laceration  ;). Firstly you should learn this trick which tutorial was made my Malcolm himself

Now, the suicide to cross arm GT, when the loop appears instead of intercepting both string you push the string closest to you (which is also connected to your middle finger) to the right, create a Brent Stole-ish formation, leading into the crossed GT. I suggest you put some force in the suicide as the loop will be bigger

Hope that hepls  :P. If there’s a part you don’t understand tell me, English is not my 1st language


Thanks so much, I landed it twice but cant land it again