What is this!

The first move, where he flips it into a Red GT or whatever.

That’s some sort of cross-armed GT laceration that he probably made up. Probably won’t find a tutorial for it, but who knows.

Yeah, it’s a regular GT, not a red triangle.

Those names are so confusing i thought red GT was a cross armed GT but thanks, if anyone could make a tut that would be nice.

There’s regular GT’s, then red triangles, which can simply be dropped. Here is one.

Cross-armed GT’s are sometimes called black GT’s.

I should have been more specific but great tut!

Yeah I just couldn’t find anything for that particular trick. Something he probably made up.

Yeah I figured he made it up but I also all of you guys could figure out how its done. I mean the trick is total bad a$$

Please stay away from swearing or implying it. Thanks.