Takeshi Matsuura... WOW

He won first place at 5A… and 3A.



This kid is crazy…

wow… he looks good enough to win worlds. What yoyo was he using in 5a

I am pretty sure it is his new signature yoyo. Nut it has not been released yet.
but yah this kid is good. But I don’t think his 3a is that amazing, but his 5a… wow. I don’t even know what to say about it, it is so good.

man that kid is really awesome!
he has won worlds i think once
is he like 14 years old
he is just awesome!

this is his profile thing on yyj
edit: oh well that link doesnt work ckick on the team yoyojam at the top bar the scroll down to japan and click his picture

Actually he did win worlds. 5A World Champion 2008. He couldn’t go to worlds last year because of some reason. If he did go then he would’ve placed high.

oh yea i watched his video
he was awesome

ANd what was his second string yoyo 4 3A?

Can’t wait for the Ai…

the song for the 3A has inspired me too fight crime … its sooo. super hero theme like

His new yoyo is the “AI” so is it “Love” or “Artificial intelligence”?


Takeshi got himself a girlfriend!!!

:smiley: LOL

lol :smiley:

He won world with lyn fury lol

takeshi is the best. I think he is only 12.

he looks like 12-14

he won worlds when he was 8. He is 11 or 12.

oh yea thats right

He was 11 when he won worlds. He’s 13.

He also does karate and Ping Pong but that’s off-topic.

Though he’s that old his nickname to a lot of people will always be Lil’ Takeshi.

Wait he won worlds at 10. I am positive that he is 12.