Takeshi matsura!!!!


This kid is insane he has some intense Skills and I think he could be the best 5a player in the future.
Just thought I would share this with you guys.


Wait how old is he?

Yeah… he’s one of my favorite 5A players… He’s really good…

(Yo!It'sMatt) #3

Too much bee sting. D:


He’s still amazing though… :smiley:


he won first in worlds 2008


it lands into a bee string
but not much bee string combos


From Lyn Furies to Night Moves 5. :slight_smile:


(202andrew) #8

I have seen his freestyles before and they always leave me speechless.


Takeshi is beast, and i think he is 11 or 12 im not sure, but he was 9 or 10 when he went to worlds in 2008.