Taken with Droid. First video.

First off I would like to apologize for the quality.
Taken with my friends droid, (he suggested the video).
When I get better I shall use my canon x).
Thanks for watching.
Criticism and suggestions are very much appreciated

And I realize I should zoom in a bit more next time :smiley:

Pretty good for 6 months. I like how you’ve already strung some tricks into combos. If you search YouTube for videos people made of their 6 months, you’d find that a good many of them are mostly trick compilations. Also, you don’t have the stop-and-go style that seems to predominate the first few months of yo-yoing. Good job!

The quality of the video was fine until the last 20 seconds. You didn’t do any super technical tricks, so zooming in wasn’t really needed, but it would have been good.

Just one tip:
Try playing with a slightly shorter string. You tend to get better control of the yo-yo with a shorter string. Longer string tends to be more suited to body tricks. If you don’t like the shorter string, then stick to the length that you currently use.

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