Take a look! Clyw Onedrop Toxic

Hey everyone. Here’s my collection after pnwr. Mostly just looking to see what offers I can get. Looking for chiefs, valors, markmont classics, and canvases. Please don’t offer if they are not mint and smooth. Slight damage is okay

First row: elysian, elysian, dang, nickel mm classic.
Second row: toxic hazmat, shutter, og project, nickel cascade. Third row: yeti, yeti, valor, chief.
Fourth row: glacier express, Jack rabbit marmot 2, red with clear wm2, ash berry wm2.
-Most are mint and very smooth. The hazmat is the only throw with a small amount of vibe.

Anything on my BST that you’d take for one of the yetis?

Link is in my signature.

What do you want for the cascade?

pm sent!

pm sent

PM Sent