Good CLYW and One Drop Collection


Hi All,

I’m looking to downsize my collection and want to sell as many as possible. I’m looking for CASH ONLY, please NO TRADES. Don’t even bother asking.

These are all MINT and come with the original boxes (with the exception of 1 or 2).

So top to bottom, left to right here are the throws:

Starting top left
C3YoYo Offstring
H5 x C3 (Red/Grey)
H5 x C3 (Pink/Silva)
Cliff (Balck/Greay/Pink)
Glacier Express (Black/Brown/Brown/Orange)

Middle left to Right
One Drop Rally (Green)
One Drop Rally (Red)
Avalanche (Green/Yellow/Red)
Avalanche (Silver/Red)
Fools Gold Avalanche (Blue)
Avalanche (28 Stories)

3rd Row:
Summit (Orange/Yellow/Black)
Summit (Nebula)
Summit (Geen/Red/Black)
Chief (Red/Orange/Grey)
Chief (Grey/green/pink)
Chief (28 Stories)

4th Row:
Puffin (Silver/Red)
Puffin (Blue/Silver)
Artic Circle (Silver/Red)
B vs M 2 (28 Stories)
AC 2 (Bushman)
One Drop Format C (Blue

Last Row:
Artic Circle (Green/White/Red)
One Drop CHIK! (Red/Yellow/Black)


Do you still have the Cliff for sale? Couldn’t see it in the picture too well. In the shadows. Believe it’s the jack rabbit color. If so how much would you be willing to sell it for?

(system) #3