Great CLYW Collection Up For Sale

Hi All,

I’m looking to reduce my CLYW collection and know some of you out there are looking for these throws. So here’s a picture and list of each one. I’ve got prices this time on most of them. The OFFERS are throws I love so you will need to make good offers. Most of these have sat in the case and only been thrown less than 10 times.

Keep in mind:

-NO TRADES, CASH only. I am looking to downsize!
-The price does not include shipping, which we will work out together, based on where you are.
-Serious buyers only. I spent way too much back and forth last time. If you want more pictures, you need to be serious.


Starting from Top, left to right:

C3 Offstring Yo-yo (I will need to update the specifics when I get home tonight)
H5 x Chief- Red/Gray $110 MINT
H5 x Chief- Pink/Silva $110 MINT
Cliff- Black/Silver/Pink Splash $125 MINT
Glacier Express- Green/Purple Splash $125 MINT
Glacier Express- Black/Silver/Orange Splash $125 MINT
Artic Circle- Green/Silver/Red Splash $130 MINT
Artic Circle- Silver/Red Splash $130 MINT
Avalanche- Silver/Red Splash $100 MINT
Avalanche- Blue Fools Gold $60 MINT
Avalanche- Silver/Red Splash $100 MINT
Wolly Marmot- Purple/Pink Splash $80 MINT
Puffin- Red/Silver/ Blue Splash (outer rim) $135 MINT
Puffin- Silver/Red Splash OFFER MINT
Puffin- Blue/Gray/Silver Splash $125 MINT
Chief- Purple/Pink Splash $115 a couple tiny pin pricks on inner rim.
Chief- Pink/Gray/Green Splash $120 one small pin pricks on outer rim.
Chief- Orange/Yellow/Silver Splash $125 MINT
Summit- Red $90 MINT
Summit- BBB OFFER MINT (1 of 9)
Summit- Black/Red/Blue Splash OFFER MINT
Summit- Orange/Yellow/Black Splash OFFER MINT
Summit- Mint/Red/Black Splash OFFER MINT
Bear Vs. Man 2- Blue/Silver/Red Splash OFFER MINT

115 maybe for the red wit silver puffin? I’m just looking for a 2nd puffin as my competition backup

What can you tel me about that BBB summit and whats the lowest you’ll sell for it.

I will buy the Avalanche- Blue Fools Gold off you asap.