Hi All,

I’m looking to get rid of some of my collection so that I can buy more! I have way too many throws at this point and would like to find good homes for some of them.

Looking for CASH Only, NO TRADES PLEASE. The goal is to downsize! You will get a good deal!!

Here’s a list of what I have, starting at the top left of the picture:

H5 x Chief - Red/Grey Splash
H5 x Chief - Blue/Grey/White Splash
H5 x Chief - Pink/Silva Splash
Glacier Express- Rock Moss
Canvas - Black/Black Splash
Gnarwhal- Gold
Avalanche- Pekka Edition (Silver/Red Splash)
Avalanche- Faded 28 Stories
Avalanche-Red Oak Moss
Avalanche- Red Prototype (A bit heavier than normal)
Puffin - Blue/Grey/White Splash
Puffin- Pekka (Silver/Red Splash)
Artic Circle- Petr Kavka Edition (Pink/White/Green Splash)
Artic Circle- Hulk Smash
Artic Circle- Pekka Edition (Silver/Red Splash)
Artic Circle- Confetti
Cliff- Grey Bip Bop
Cliff- Petr Kavka Edition (Pink/White/Green Splash)
Wolly Marmot- Berry Berry (Purple/Pink Splash)
Chief- Petr Kavka Edition (Pink/White/Green Splash)
Chief- Mischief Edition (Red/Blue/Yellow Splash)
Chief- Red/White Splash
Chief- Cool Ghoul (Purple/Blue Splash) 2 small scratches on inner rim from glowsticks
Chief- Berry Berry (Purple/Pink Splash)

how much for your Puffins?

how much for the arctic circle hulk smash

how much for your wolly marmot?

What are the prices?

Old thread.

What condition are they in?

What clyw would you sell for the cheapest?