FS: One Drop, a-rt, CLYW, SF throws

looking to offload some throws, let me know if you’re interested in any. i have some prices in mind for a couple of them; for the rest of the throws, i’m not 100% on letting them go, but let me know if you have an offer to make. willing to negotiate prices within reason! damage, if any, is specified.

  1. One Drop Cascade (unengraved, mint and dead smooth) – $70
  2. One Drop 1to1 MIB – $45
  3. One Drop Rev 1 MIB – $60
  4. One Drop x CLYW Summit (a few minor nicks, smooth) – $65
  5. One Drop Parlay MIB – offer
  6. a-rt x OST 69 (tiny hairline mark, otherwise undamaged, smooth) – SOLD!
  7. a-rt x G2 Life (Unicorn Speckle, MIB) – SOLD!
  8. SF Ceasefire (one small ding, one ano burn, glass smooth) – offer
  9. SF Statement (Wainbow, one minor nick, smooth) – offer
  10. CLYW Akita (MIB) – offer

Trade wants (will adjust with / request for multiples, cash / etc if necessary, depending on trades):





other organics or anything interesting


Really nice pictures!

thank you!! : ) i appreciate that.

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Life has been sold!

photos are immaculate!

!! thank you for your kind words man : ) i’m surprised but pleased that people like them!

@JWaugh Akita

Interested in Summit. Pls msg me.


Bump! 69 and Life are gone!

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bump! sick throws that just need a new home. updated wants list!

also price drops!


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Summit is pending! bring it upppp

take something home!

bump! would trade any of the ODs for a MMC

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