FS/FT CLYW Chief, CLYW Kodiak, CLYW Peak 2, One Drop Valor. CHEAP!

Hello! I’m mainly looking to sell these gems (prices firm), but if you have an amazing trade offer, I might not be able to turn it down! Free shipping on all!

(I’ll post pics after 8pm Eastern today)

CLYW Chief $50 - Brown, 2nd run (heavy), has some anno flaws like most brown anno’d CLYW’s had (not noticeable whatsoever in play). Has a couple smooth dings and some minor scuffs. Plays slower and hella floaty! I love these things, but I have a Minty Mint one I’m gonna hang on to.
Chief Pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/5HKoE

CLYW Kodiak $60 - Blue/clear fade. Has a couple noticeable (non-sharp) dings and minor scuffs. Absolutely dead smooth on the string. Has a noticeable body vibe, but these aren’t really that great for grinding anyways. Very solid and fast player. I’m a slower player and I’m not a fan haha.
Kodiak pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/a67Bn

CLYW Peak 2 $80 - Beach Party. Absolutely smooth in every way. Mint. Very solid and slow, I’m just not much of fan of organics. Not super sure if I’m ready to let this go yet, but we’ll see haha.
Peak 2 Pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/0YHpM

One Drop Valor $45 - Red. Has some scuffs that just barely break the anno, but you can’t even feel them. This thing is one of the most dead smooth yoyos I’ve ever owned hands down. Extremely fast and stable! Yet again, I’m not a fan of the fast stuff.
Valor pics: One Drop Valor https://imgur.com/gallery/wCNTO

One Drop Gauntlet $35 - Clear w/ black and navy splash. This baby is very smooth. Completely mint as far as damage goes! It might sound bad, but this thing plays floaty like and empty soda can. That’s honestly the only way I can describe it! I mean it in a good way though! I have 2 others so that’s why I’m unloading this one! Very slow, step-by-step kind of player!
Gauntlet pics: One Drop Gauntlet. MINT. https://imgur.com/gallery/QIJUV

Looking for:
$$$$ Cash over all
CLYW Chief (other than Minty Mint)
A-RT Grail (I will HOOK YOU UP!)
G2 (Nothing in particular!)
Recess Vacation
Offer up! Worst I could say is “I greatly appreciate your offer but I’m gonna have to pass!” lol


Bump! Deal with Kodiak fell through. Added some others! Pics will be up tonight!

Added pictures!

Prices lowered!