Tack Response

Yup Its Awesome , Cheap And Pretty Much Works VERY GOOD :wink:
This Is What Am Talkin About

How thick is it?
How easy is it to clean the residue?

What Ever Size U Want U Can Add A Small Piece Or A Large one :slight_smile:
Its Super Easy Just Get Another Piece and stick it to the one in the yoyo then pull it will get off :smiley:

its that easy :wink:

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Pretty good idea actually :o

Yup And Its EASY :smiley:

i know this topic has been around for sometime … however i do see some promise on it.

i haven’t tried this yet however putting in tacks on yoyo is definitely easier than putting in silicone and waiting for it to dry. Does this work on high end yoyo as response or it is only good for intermediate tricks?

P.S. Don’t call necro on me, just want to help this guy out.

It works on any yoyo with a deep enough silicone groove. There really is no difference in intermediate and “high end” yoyo’s. They’re just yoyo’s.

what i mean is … is it to snaggy or grippy? since this is some sort of an adhesive … right? i may have the wrong choice of words then. when i say high end i was referring more on the trick. i was thinking that since it is grippy it has the tendency to snag and shoot the yoyo right back at your face.

do you mean does it make the yoyo responsive?

yeah … i guess that is what i meant sort of …

i guess my question is … will it make the yoyo randomly responsive?

It wont. Unless you mess it up, or screw up the bearing, it wont.