T5 Overlord bottlecap mod

This is a mod i thought up off a while back. Its pretty stupid but tell me what you think!


Pretty nice, considering it’s recycled :smiley: also I Subed.

Awesome! I was hoping all through the first part that you would do the last part.

Now that’s what I call a superwide!! :o

Thanks for the good feedback :). Feel free to post any videos of you trying it out in this thread. I would love to see what innovational tricks people can do with it.

You just gave me an awesome idea to make some giant hubstacks out of gatorade caps for offstring. Haha

I’m not sure how you could make a Gatorade cap into a hubs stack because you would need to figure out a way to put a hub stack bearing into the gatoradecap, then somehow fit the cap into an offspring yoyo. You can try though…

Bottlecap mod… meh.

Bottle mod… FUN!

Thanks for sharing. :wink:

Ha. :). The bottlecap mod is really nice because it adds a lot of extra rim weight to it and makes for longer and heavier spins. The bottle mod…well it makes for pure awesomeness :wink:

I’ve already converted my lateral caps into hubstacks haha. I think I’m just gonna find some of my older small hubstacks (just the basic ones) and drill a hole inside the Gatorade cap the size of the stack and just melt the plastic a bit so they stay together. Just imagine hubstacks that would also function for thumb grinds.

Wow that sound awesome.i see what you mean now. Please post the finished product. I can’t wait to see it!

I tested it out today, while the bottlecap hubstacks make for some awesome thumb grinds I have to find a way to reduce the vibe. I Gotta find a way to make them a bit more receded. Ill post some pictures as soon as I figure out how haha

Post some pics of what you’ve got right now! It sounds amazing

What’s an easy way to post pictures??

Make a Flickr account and upload the pic then post a link. Or if you have an iPod or IPad you an reply to this thread then click the additional options button the click on choose file and you can have an option of taking a pic or closing a pic from your camera roll

Uploaded with Snapbucket - See this image on Photobucket.

Uploaded with Snapbucket - See this image on Photobucket.


I can’t seem to get the picture to post, here’s the link haha

tried this a while back it works on a DV888