T5 Overlord bottlecap mod

That’s the link to the html page the pic is posted on. You need the actual link to the pic on the page. There’s a tab on the RHS of the page that says “Image Links”. Click that for what you need. Pick the one that says “IMG code”. You can paste that directly in the post just the way it is.

See below.

Read this, it will help.

Pictures?? How do you post them?!

You can see how this is done if you quote this message to see it in the editor.

Thanks for the help. Im trying to do this all from my phone since my computer is broken. I think I got it know haha

Anyway here are the pics of the bottlecap hubs couldn’t find Gatorade caps so I used Arizona ha

And by the way photobucket is the absolute worst place to post photos from a phone. Their app doesn’t even have the img post option and their website doesn’t work on iPhone either.

You could punch holes in the middle of the caps to maximize rim weight. Thanks for the fun video, it was great!

Wow that is so freaking awesome. You cold sell those!!! Call them JG stacks :). So so they work kind of like z stacks?

That’s awesome man! Got a kick out of the part where you put the bottles on :smiley:

Haha thanks, they work the same way they just pop over the existing z stacks I didn’t even have to glue it together. I’m looking for caps that are a little lighter in weight now to fix the vib to an exceptable rate lol, the thumb grind are pretty awesome once you get the hang of it.

I thought this mod was lame until the end of the video.

:). ts surprisingly fun with the bottles on. It really helps with perfecting eli hops cause one bad hop will send the yoyo spiraling.