Can anyone do this.??


I would like to have this




That’s pretty cool!


Is it like Hub Stacks?

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Hehe, I did this with mine a while ago. I ended up changing it back because it gave it a massive vibration. I used a different setup, though; this looks like he used PGM hubstack posts. I did a different method, which left the caps sticking out far less than this.

All in all, I’d say it’s not really worth it. I’d just pop the caps off and simply put on real hubstacks. otherwise, it prolly won’t work very well.




wow…pretty cool

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Nope. I did that WAY before it was unusable.

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So how do you do it?


Wait so it was usable when you broke it or you modded it before it was unusable.

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You guys are derailing the thread. Though I guess I really contributed by responding to Carl.

Just pop off the caps, and get the guts from a PGM. Easy as that.

It’s not worth sharing my method. It didn’t work out too well. Anyhow, the spinning caps are just silly and add vibration.


I still want to know how to do it


I know how too but not sure if I trust myself too. Have to actually cut the cap off perfectly and use the PGM Kit, then cut the cap so it resembles a z stack like bearing seat.


But will that add much vi be or will it still be playable for a 40 sec combo.