sweets aTack vs ozora


I’m looking to buy my 2nd kendama right now. I own a tribute and its great but I think its time to upgrade ;). My main things I’m looking at are the aTack and the ozora, I want something pretty sticky for lunars, as that’s what I’m learning right now. So… What’s your opinion?


ATack fo sure.


Ozora. Anytime.


The 3 Ozoras I’ve played have had terrible lunar balance. If you can get a hold of a sweets Focus aTack, I’m certain it’ll be all you need for a while.


Ozoras with the cups pushed down a bit will stomp lunars. aTacks are nice for a while, but they tend to get so tacky that it becomes a problem.


Ozoras need some time to break-in, but once they do, lunars are not a major problem. Yes, the lunar angle is more acute compared to most kendamas, but they have incredible paint resistance and they last long. They also have near identical ken and tama weight for best feel and balance.

In fact, i would recommend the Ozoras (normal ones, not the premiums) to any new and present kendama player who hasn’t tried one yet. Hitting balance tricks on this might seem hard at first, but when you switch to other grippier kendamas after, these tricks are easier to execute.

Heck, if you want a more difficult version of the Ozora, try the TK-16 Masters.


I do have a natty Ozora, and it’s excellent for everything except Lunars. It was once my everyday carry.