New Kendama :)

Many of you know I am hyped for BAC, and I will be getting TONS of thing over there. One of those items is a new Kendama. Recommend away!

Can’t go wrong with grabbing an oozora but any of the kendamausa ones or sweets are good !

Get a sweets atack if your starting,
Not on topic but if yyj make kendamas.

Actually I was told differently… I was going to buy a Sweets aTack, but the people at the Kendama Forums recommended an Ozora Kendama for a beginner. So, I got an Ozora and it’s amazing. Hope my insight helped. God Bless - Moefv

pretty much anything mentioned will work. It just depends what you want. My oozora is pretty light while the tribute I have is pretty heavy and the sweets that I’ve tried are in the middle. atacks are pretty sticky so it makes it easier to do balance tricks but some people see it kinda like cheating. Imo I would say go oozora but you can’t go wrong with the tribute or sweets either

So, I have no idea if I can even ask this because it’s about another website, but what kendama forum? I have never been able to find one…

just take a skip across the ocean…

Yup that one ^^^

It says “New” for a reason, I have an old one, an I want a new more advanced one. Also I wanna pick it up at BAC not order it online.

terra is going to have some stuff at bac. Idk what though

Well I got a Sweets Kendama and a KendamaUSA Pill :slight_smile: very happy with both :slight_smile:

I know you’ll enjoy them both. A quick word about that “other” forum. That forum and this one are the two I hang out at nowadays. I wouldn’t dream of bashing them, but what you have to remember when you’re over there is that it’s based in England. Over there they have an official governing body for kendama contests, (actually, that’s who runs that forum) and there are only certain kendamas that are “legal” for competition. The Sweets and the KendamaUSAs are mostly what we talk about over here, but they are not competition certified in the UK. That’s why you seldom hear them recommended on that forum. We have no such governing body in North America, and since I’m not in any danger of getting to go to the UK anytime soon…

Uhh,… I don’t understand what this has to do with this but ill just smile and nod

:slight_smile: nod

Ha! Yeah, I guess the context for that remark was a little vague, wasn’t it. Moefv brought up the Ozora because that’s the one most of them seem to recommend on that forum. If you hang out on that forum, you might get the idea that the Sweets and the Tributes aren’t that great, because they seldom recommend them. I was just pointing out that if there is no love for the one’s we’re recommending on the other forum, it’s not because they’re not good kendamas.