Sweet Spin Yo-Yo


When I stopped by WinCo foods today I couldn’t help but notice a yoyo that had candy in it walking in the snacks aisle. It was about a dollar and so I decided to buy it.

It’s diameter is about 57mm. It has a fixed axle and can not be taken apart and so it is responsive. You can use it for 2a but I don’t really recommend it. This is because in order to store the candy, it’s caps can come off. If you leave them on, it becomes too heavy. If you take it off, this is the best way but it is too light. It weighs about as much as 3 quarters with the caps off. With them on, It weighs about 7 quarters. I managed to get multiple loops out of it, but I did better with my 808’s. (MUCH BETTER). As for the candy that comes with it, I think it tastes horrible. It tastes like cheap, gro bad for a $1ainy candy. The pink side comes with candy that tastes like sour bubble gum. And the blue side comes with candy that tastes like lemon iced tea. I wouldn’t recommend this yoyo for the candy, but for the yoyo itself, it’s not too bad for a $1.00 yoyo.


Caps on


Caps off


Bubble gum tasting


Lemon tea tasting



haha hate these too.