well, here you go


That is pretty epic man

i made a video of it,but youtube wont let me put it on :frowning:

Mmmmm. Tastes like chicken!

That’s the kind of weirdness I like…

I would think that it would fall apart if you used it. And your hands would get sticky.

at least I have my chicken!

it actually works pretty well,but i ate it too fast to care. :smiley:

You know, someone might be onto a new yoyo trend:

Competitive Freestyle Eating.

Call it Fat-A, because if you do enough of it…

Start with a 1 pound hunk of meat or friut or vegetable of your choice. You have during your competition time to eat as much as possible, while still doing yoyo tricks… Points for tricks, big bites and bonus for using the string to slice off bits of food that are then eaten. After the exhibition, the stuff is taken and weight against the “issued weight”.

Might be hard to judge. Does a contestant’s height and weight factor in to how much they consumed?

Right now I’m wondering the best way to connect a Hershey bar to my Dark Magic II now…

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glad i inspired you :wink:

No…Epic would be if he used a bull’s skull for a counterweight, and used it to defeat a group of ninjas and their god.