Swagger String

Hello all! My name is Chase Baxter AKA cbaxt98 and in this post you will see the magical power of string…Okay, maybe it’s not SOOO magical but it is pretty awesome!  ;D Here is my website: http://swaggerstring.webs.com/ … At the moment I only sell 100% Polyester. Something cool about Swagger String is that it makes a giant “WOOOSSSHHH” doing lacerations! Everyone that has tried it has complimented the awesome sound! I have some pre-made string at the moment, but I will take custom colors through private messages.

So here’s what I have for sale at the moment:

This is a Mix-Matched 5 Pack $4 Shipped

5 Pack. This is Green and Blue, some mixed, some plain and ONE gold and silver mix…GOLD AND SILVER IS NOT 100% POLYESTER, THE THREAD IS 60% NYLON AND 40% POLYESTER. Also, it is a SUPER long pack. So do what you want! Make up a new style! $6.50 Shipped

5 Pack. This was called the Valentine’s Day special edition since there was only 2 packs made! It is half pink and half red mix! The look is beautiful!

Here is a B-Grade 5 Pack. These are not as amazing since some mistakes were made but still pretty good!  :wink:

5 Pack. Here is the amazing Purple Snow pack  ;D . Half Purple, Half White and 100% Awesome!

Don’t forget you can message me for custom string! For best results, the back row has more thread on each spool and it is more like-wise that the front row will run out first. Also the thread hiding behind the black is bright green thread, same color as the green in front. Here is the thread I have at the moment:

Review by Eli Hops/Sensei Dave: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,26793.msg266527/topicseen.html#new

Thank you!
-Swagger String

idk if you were trying to insert pics… but i dont see thease strings your talking about.

Click on the links.

Before they weren’t that’s why :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wondering… are there any reviews out there? Because it would probably help your sales if you gave some free samples to well-known yoyoers on the forum for them to review.

There are no reviews but 0220m and yoyo15479 have some because they are on the team and Eli Hops the foundation will be reviewing some soon

Swagger String Review by Eli Hops/Sensei Dave now up!