Surface Plating


Hey modders…

Checking to see if anyone currently offers copper/nickel plating. I’m somewhat interested myself and was hoping if anyone could offer any more advice beyond basic safety precautions. I’ve done a bunch of reading and it certainly looks like something that I’d enjoy doing…
Also if there is a lot of interest in this, I might start offering it to everyone, though I’ll have to see about the dangers and how well I do it first…



I have done a little nickel plating myself. I stopped doing it because I needed to be set up a little better. I will be doing a couple special projects very soon.

Some of the chems are not to friendly to the human body so be very careful. Follow directions of course but one thing I can tell you is make absolutely sure that the piece you are going to plate is insanely clean. When you think it’s clean clean it again!!!


The processes aren’t that hard, but as mentioned already, clean parts are essential… and I mean flawlessly clean, especially with copper.