How could exactly is the surf? If you had any experience with pls help. Thanks. ;D

What are you talking about? Just curious.

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I’m guessing he is asking how good the Surf is. And the answer is very.

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OOohh, im an idiot. haha. Im on track now, but cannot give feedback since my experience with it is exactly zero. . :slight_smile:

I haven’t yet played the Surf, but asked Drew Tetz, and here is what he told me:
“the Surf is pretty close to the Rhythm in basic terms of size/weight/etc., but playwise there’s a pretty wild difference (in my eyes at least!) the Rhythm was more or less Hank’s dream 3A yoyo, so it was a workhorse with an emphasis on stability & a generally slower feeling on the string. with the Surf, Hank & Red wanted to really push in a more futuristic direction, trying to imagine where competitive yoyo design will go next. the multiple profile cuts & generally sharper edges mean that it feels quite a bit faster in motion, & is more “sleek” than “floaty.” to put it in even more abstract terms, it feels to me like the difference between a smooth subdued guitar solo in a jazz standard & a fuzzed-out barreling surf freakout. not sure if that makes any sense, but i am quite fond of both!”

That said, this is a yoyo that is on my short list…

For additional perspective, the Blues is a highwalled beast that will stall & regen with the best of them. Plus, it plays completely different with and without weight rings. Possibly my favorite yoyo and music genre. The Rhythm is stable, I consider it fast, and fun.


Recently, I cannot decide whether to get the Surf or an Unengraved Shutter, I think I am starting to make up my mind and go for the Surf. Thanks for this.

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That good! Shutters are like hondas. EVERYONE and their grandma has one. Nothing special about it other than its popularity. Go for the Surf and report back. :slight_smile:

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