Suprisingly good throws?

Anyone here get a throw you thought wouldn’t be all that great, but was surprised by how good it actually was? Or you tried a friends yoyo or something.

That happened with the YYF Velocity, I thought it was going to be just a gimmicky junk ball yoyo that was semi-responsive when it should be “pro” unresponsive. I actually like the thing, it’s an amazing pocket throw.

YYJ Classic surpirised me big time.

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Majesty. Thought it looked great, it is the greatest.

The YYJ Classic, and the Duncan Raptor are the two throws that surprised me the most. The Classic is just super smooth (almost as smooth as my northstar) and a great player, and the Raptor is just a great yoyo that I feel people overlook sometimes.

YYF Whip was probably the yoyo with the greatest disparity between what I thought I’d think, and what I actually thought. I just bought two of the Ann Connelly’s because it had a center trac in it for less than a center trac. Didn’t even plan to play the yoyo.

…but then I got them, and I love this yoyo. It’s not an amazing yoyo from an objective perspective, but it’s a blast to play imo.

Bought mine Adjust-O-Matic thinking that would be a heavier Velocity, hard to play, with a strange design. But I was curious and I just had to try. It could not be more different and now it’s my favorite throw. 8)

Pretty much every yoyofactory… hate the company, actually love most of their yoyos.

Same with YYF, the ONE is one of my favortie yoyos with a C bearing.

The raptor always really impressed me. Great budget yoyo.

The classic is amazing.

Gotta be the XL or the Oxy ti 9.06

The yoyojam classic really suprised me. I bought a few for my friends who were getting into yoyoing, and of course i tried one before i gave it to them, and WOW, this thing is GOOD!

I currently use a yyf velocity too, and its pretty good… Binding is alot easier on velocity than on my yyf ONE. I really want to try a dark magic tho but i cant afford :frowning:

I need to get my ONE back my friend borrowed it and he hasn’t given it back but we both forget about it XD

And it GRINDS! Better then my decapod!

Your Decapod is raw, isn’t it?

Yes… Or it was. Bob has it now and he wants to do a powder coat or something.

Dv888 still surprises me with how nice it is.

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Zen 4 if you pop a CenterTrac in it it plays twice it’s price IMO

Freak hand by Duncan