Superstar, supernova or super g please help.


I am having trouble deciding. I’m the super g shape but what are your thoughts.


There is almost an exact type post as this that I actually responded to, just use the search bar please. Supernova all the way and genesis a close second, then superstar, then super g at the bottom.


I have a genesis.


Any more? I’m stuck.


THe only one out of those three that I’ve thrown is the super g. It played exceptionally well.


Keep it coming.


for a more personallized approach, howabout some guidlines as to what you would llike to see out of a new yoyo?


I have the spernova lite, and it’s served me from eli hops to Nix and theorom( or therom, or thereom,gah, what the heck)


I ordered a supernova today. I couldnt resist the extra low price n


Thanks for the help slade Riggs I got the supernova today and I’m in love.