SuperNova vs Genesis - Who Will You Vote For?

The 2012 YoYoFactory Election is Upon Us:
This Tuesday (November 6th) the USA federal election happens and to commemorate this we teamed up with YoYoFactory to have our own election with Supernova going up against Genesis for the title of #1!

How It Works:
Starting Tuesday morning when polls open in the USA we will open the poll for voting here on YoYoExpert. One vote per person! You pick - Genesis OR SuperNova.

What Happens:
When voting closes in the USA Tuesday night so does the election here. Votes will be counted and the winning yo-yo announced. This yo-yo will go on to be available here at YoYoExpert for an exclusive discount of 25% off for seven days!!!

Polls open Tuesday so get started ASAP - pick your winner and let everyone know here on the forums and Facebook who you think should win - SuperNova or Genesis!!!

So who are you voting for?!

When the polls open…Genesis all the way. I own three, the old version, a small bearing version and the 2012 version. I love that thing…Genesis for the win!! I want 25% off a 4th Genesis. But, if Supernova wins, I’ll settle for that one.

Genesis forever.

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Genesis kills 5a all day, but the supernova does 1a way better imo. Can I be independent?? I own both and its hard to pick!


Supernova for days. Not my fav Yoyo but it’s wayy better than the Genesis

I’d have to go for an independent candidate. Didn’t care for either of these.

Mutant DNA!!

I was a political science major undergrad, so I know someone should try to sway the voters who are on the fence at this late stage. I’m leading the Genesis campaign, and I’m going to take this serious. We are talking…a 25% discount for the Yo-Yo Citizens of America. TEAM GENESIS!


I would have to say that Team Supernova is going to win. We have so much more style and swagger then the other guys. Go team Supernova!!!

supernova and genesis are both really good throws, but when it comes to 1a i would go supernova

If anyone wants to hit the campaign trail The office of Tyler Severance is giving a Supernova to the person who creates the best campaign poster (post it on

The ‘Genesis for Freedom’ Super Pac has matched the offer and will be giving a Genesis to the best PRO Genesis poster too.

Oh sweet idea gotta getting working on that fast!!!

I think you know who I’m voting for: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nobama, so I go with the

I’m nobame too. So? GO GENESIS!



I’m not blue, but Genesis is the best IMO.

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TEAM GENESIS is back!!  You mean to tell me Fellavader and Yoyokid8 are for that “other throw.”  Well voters, feast your eyes on this.  Even Tyler Severance had to put down that Supernova, and play the real deal people right on camera,…the proof is in the pudding.  GENESIS FOR THE WIN!!  Don’t vote for a light weight.


Special thanks to Genesis supporters, Banjospins, SR., Mr. Yoyoguy.

Supernova all the way! Have 3 and want a 4th lol.