SuperNova Throwers Club

First video of the club we have between Virginia and Maryland. This was on our last meet at and hopefully many more videos to come in the future. Enjoy, rate, comment please.

Good vid

Great work Ghost!

Yea, you could almost use this vid for yourself since you take up the last half of it. Lol.

Hahaha, the quality is amazing though. All of that from a phone…

Who’s the guy in blue who starts the vid? anyways, great vid, wish i was in it…well, see you guys in October… :stuck_out_tongue:

Jamie! Nice to meet ya =)

that guy in blue is a huge piece of **** don’t listen to him … his real name is not Jamie

How rude…

he knows its true … he only wants to play with my DIETZ!!! that is all :wink: lol nah he hated the dietz … too small

but nah jamie is awesome possum!!! btw guys … i just got my Cascade!!!

Aaaaawwweeeeee!!! I don’t get off work till 9:30 and my cascade is on my doorstep. :’( good thing no one knows were I live. Hehehe.

I do … didn’t you post it somewhere? btw can you pm me your address? lol i would love two cascades …

btw changed out the domes for spikes… loving it!!!

Actually I was planning to put flat disks in it. :smiley:

I gotta try those on the next meet!!


Hey I would love to join the club can you message me some details of the next meet up?

No need for message. Just goto the contest clubs forum page and look for the nova throwers thread. All the info is there.

For the lazy man like myself. Clicky this link.,41966.0.html