SuperNova Lite, Genesis, Or SuperStar???


Hey guys, I want something new, so I’m trading my PRO for one of those. Which one is better playwise?

(Edmeister) #2

Genesis is Stable,
Superstar is Stable , Genesis an superstar play alike.
IMO I prefer the Genesis but the Superstar hits 2nd.
Ive played a Supernova Lite but never a Supernova so Icant help you with that one.
Genesis and Superstar have the exact same shape pretty much.
Depends if you like Floaty or Non Floaty.


@ cream9000-no the genesis and superstar have very diffrent shapes even if it is not apparent at first…the superstar can not do rejections to save your life but the genesis can because of it having a more pronounced curve. But anyway

to the OP, out of the three the genesis plays best, it can regen, reject and play fast or slow if you want it to and has great spin time. The superstar can spin just as long but the genesis is better in a few key areas like moving faster and regens. The supernova lite is a great throw but it can not match the spin time of the other two. Stability is good on the supernova lite (supernova plays sooo much better than the lite version though).

So go for the genesis but since you are trading for a genesis and you are giving your pro for one the trade off will be this…the pro and genesis have similar spin times (amazing, hehe), the pro can gind better but can not regen and the genesis can not grind but can regen great. Honestly though about your trade, you are trading 105 dollars (pro) for a 85 dollar genesis. Dosen’t seem quite fair on your end.