Superfluous Yoyos

Hi everyone,

Just thought I’d let everyone know that I have started a small company out of Australia.
Landon from 3yo3 helped with the cad work, and the production run are coming soon!

Please follow us on facebook to be kept up to date!

The first models are the Hazard (H shape 68 grams) and the Outlaw (O shape 66 grams)

Cool that looks really good any pricing?

Damn, I’m digging that organic, reminds me of the old DNA/888 except better weight distribution.

Thanks mysterious, pricing is not 100% finalised yet but will probably be announced in the next week or two on our facebook page.

Cheers Muffinman, I wanted to pay homage to the old organic shapes I grew up on but I also wanted to try and work on an IRG shape I hadn’t seen before as well.

Seems awesome

That outlaw sure reminds me of the og 888’s, with a thicker rim lip and thicker rims in general. Looks cool. :slight_smile:

Wow!!! Where in Australia are you based?