superb. a short 1a/2a video

hey let me know what you guys think!

Jordan Sambueno

That was awesome! the 1a was sick! wouldve liked more 2a though

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Awesome! Your really good. But I agree a little more 2a.

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hey let me know what you guys think!

Jordan Sambueno


pure win

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Hey thanks. Next video, more 2A :slight_smile:

Amazing!!! ur 1a is sooo smooth and slow. just the way i like it. u can see all the details on where the yoyo is going. it has a good speed and very good technicality
2a is awesome, learning it myself.
I might be mistaken or something but is that a Filipino shirt??
Pinoy in the house right here

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Yup… I’m only half though but still super proud haha

The bench press was 100% unnecessary. I stopped watching after that. It’s a Yoyo video, not a “hey, look how strong I am” video.

The tricks were pretty smooth though

His vid. He can put whatever he wants in. It’s a flip vid not a yoyo vid.

Wrong. It specifically says “1A + 2A Vid” not “yoyo with me benchpressing for no apparent reason”

Woah, speechless.

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haha nah I knew someone was going to say something like that.

ah, I put it in there cause a lot of my friends back home in Hawaii watch my videos and they know me more as “the guy who lifts a lot” rather than “the yoyo guy” so that was for them sort of. I live in Texas now and my only friend around here lives 2 hours away :-[

I’m glad you liked my tricks though… should check out my last one cause I really like that one. Here’s a link straight to that part:

I’m glad to hear it was a good reason. I was afraid it was out of arrogance.

Nice to see people throwing 2A. I doesn’t usually get the love it deserves. I’d throw it more if I wasn’t so awful at it.

Mannnnn I remember when 2A was the biggest thing and it’s kinda sad to see some contests not even have it because it didn’t have enough competitors. I’m pretty awful compared to the good guys out there now… but 2A is so fun.

Throw it more, and throw it often.

I really wish I had the time and talent to do 2A