super quiet Hspin Pyro

I recently got back an Hspin Pyro that I traded a couple months ago. I love this yoyo, but probably my favorite thing about it is the sound it makes (or doesn’t make, in this case). It is quieter than any other yoyo I have ever heard, including duncan butterflies, and offstring yoyos. Literally the only sound is the hum of the wind coming off the thing. I know the bearing is spinning, because it has no problem with spin time. I am wondering if this lack of noise is a factor of the bearing, or of the yoyo. Are all Hspin Pyros this quiet? Do you have any super silent yoyos? What makes a yoyo make noise, or not?

What it sounds like is the perfect bearing. It’s still not totally broken yet it seems. The bearing may have been replaced or lubed. That is the only thing that will cause a yoyo to be quiet.

I can imagine it getting louder with more use. I’ve always wanted to have a totally silent yoyo!

I want to play with it at the next meeting.=) But, it might have the new hybrid bearing they’re a lot quieter than the Normal. The Envy 64 I got got from Josh last year is still super quiet. I like them quiet. They bearing might not have any dirt in it so nothing to rub against while spinning.

The bearing is broken in for sure, I bought the yoyo two months ago used, played it a lot, traded it to somebody who also played it alot, and now I have it back. By now Im sure its broken in.
So does anybody else have a pyro? maybe the smooth play and balance of the yoyo itself contributes to the silence? I’d trade out the bearing to try it in another yoyo but I’m too afraid i’ll ruin perfection.