Super g & catalyst

Just ordered the signature yo yo of gentry stein the super g and the signature yo yo of augie fash the catalyst… I love yo yoing n been a fan of it forever but i just started again after about 5 years n lost all my skills im back to the basics with two advanced yo yos any tips anyone???

Tips? Don’t spend over $100 on yoyos that you don’t know how to use.

That’s my tip.

Watch Andre’s tutorials. Lots of them…

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I have the yomega maverick but it wasnt cuttin it for me i wanted the best proffesional yo yo n its not too late to learn… Also i have enough money to buy any yo yo I want so if nething i can save those till when im ready

If you know how to bind, sure. But it was probably the best choice to pick up a cheaper yoyo instead since you said that you lots all of your skills.

Yeah thats true but theres something about nice expensive yo yos that catch my eye lol my next pick ups gnna b the avalanche genesis or rockstar what do u think i shud get?

um i think he ment lost all of your skills.

anyway yeah look at andre’s tutorials. when you figure out some of the basic moves you can still learn and make up your own tricks.

that is what i did

I can’t believe everyone telling him he did wrong by buying what he did. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. His choice. As for tips…the are right about watching Andre’s code.


IMHO, as long as you can bind and the finances are there go with whatever unresponsive yoyo you like. I tend to buy a lot of my yoyos from the BST pre-scuffed so I don’t have give any thought to damage but there is something to be said for that “new car smell” of being the first owner of a yoyo.

As for advice, here are some thoughts I put together:
make the effort to throw a little every day
practice different tricks each day
try something new at least a couple of times a week
look for similar tricks to the ones you are working on
don’t forget about old tricks, you never know when they may be helpful in a combo or as part of
another trick
try as many different yoyo styles and types to see what suits you the best
this is a great community so ask for help if you need it
remember you’re doing this because you like it so have fun


Also, have fun with it. If you aren’t having fun. Just set it down and cool off for a bit. As stated before, this is a great community to ask questions to. We were all noobs once. We know exactly how it goes.

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Yeah man im most definately having fun with it… Dnt get me wrong tho i can throw… Bind and do sum tricks im lOoking at a lot of tutorials n still gettin used to the yo yos… Dnt regret buyin em at all…i love throwing with a passion its More than just a hobby it comes to me as an art or a form of expression wnt be stoppin anytime soon

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