Sunset Trajectory


Hello, i just got my first sunset and been practacing for 4 hours… but it’a WAAAAY to responvie… it just shoots back up… any ideas or tips? ;D ;D >:(


They are SUPPOSED to be wayyyyyy responsive. They are looping yoyos. They are not made for string tricks.


well it had an ajustable gap just un screw it a bit or alot to make it to your likeing. also if you don’t have typew 6 string try it out.

(system) #4

this is realy a question for my self is the sunset a good looping yoyo for a beginner.

(Connor) #5

I would say so, im a beginner “looper” and its working great for me. It takes some getting used to after using a duncan proyo for 2 months for your looping though, haha ;).