Sunset Trajectory by YoYoJam

I purchased a green Sunset Trajectory from yoyoeXpert’s shop on Friday, and received it today, in only four days! I decided to write up a review, so here it is:

Skill Level: Beginner to Expert
YoYo Shape: Looping (Traditional)
YoYo Material: Polycarbonate
Bearing: Small Bearing
YoYo Weight: na
Outer Diameter: 2.24 inches
Yo-Yo Width: 1.41 inches
Cap Diameter: 1.86 inches
Response Type: Double O-Ring
O-Ring Type: Small Rubber O-Ring
Axle Size: Small Axle
Gap Type: Adjustable

Styles of Play
1A: 3 out of 5
2A: 5 out of 5
3A: 2 out of 5
4A: 1 out of 5
5A: 3 out of 5

This yoyo is just perfect for looping and speed tricks. It has an adjustable gap and a small ball bearing. Designed by Dave Geigle (Team YYJ Germany) and Bill de Boisblanc (Team YYJ US), this is a fast player, and easy to use. Perfect for beginners and experts alike. It can spin for at least 3 minutes non-stop and is great for loops, around-the-worlds, walk-the-dogs, and rock-the-cradles. As a bonus, this is one of the best looping yoyos, at an incredibly cheap price of $14.40 ($16 if purchased at!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message or post in this topic.


I think it can be used as an all round player for beginner, intermidiate and expert
I mean come on, Grant Johnson uses them

Nice rewiew.I’m gonna have 2 of them for 2A style so thanks for rewiew

That was meant as a starting level, but I changed it to “Beginner to Expert” anyways. Thanks!

yeah, you’re right mitchell… actually, sunsets are the yoyo’s i used to win our nationals this year for 2A, this is one of my favorite 2A yoyo’s ;D

what i’m afraid of is that yyj yoyo’s have the tendency to crack easily on the axle/nipple… but i would rate the sunset trajectory at 9/10 :wink:

it is even though i dont play 2a much… i fell in love with those sunsets…

Ps. Kyle is the Best! :slight_smile:

i have a sunset and will only spin about 1 min how dose yrs spin 3 mins?

Do you use thin lube on yours? Also, keep your gap a little wide.

is it good to use silicone as response sysytem for sunsets? i’m planning to mod my sunsets and give a try on doing loops using silicone as a response… :slight_smile:

I don’t see any reason not to try silicone in a Sunset. If it doesn’t work out, you can jut peel it back out again. No harm done. I’m not a huge 2A guy, but there must be a reason why the 4 most popular 2A models use;
Sunset - o-rings
Raider - starbursts
Beetle - pads
Loop 720 - string?!

Everything but silicone.

Have Fun,

it is a great yo-yo :slight_smile:

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